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Frequently Asked Questions - Water Leak Detection


How much does it cost?

We pride ourselves on being a low cost high quality leak detection company and the reasoning for this is the quality of our staff and equipment.

Once contacted we will offer an estimate.

Am I covered by insurance?

From November 2014 a statement was released on behalf of insurance companies stating it would be covered in most instances. Our experienced staff can access policies and offer advice.

Who will fix and reinstate?

When we pinpoint the leak we will then offer to fix and reinstate the area.

These works will be carried out by our certified plumbers and other necessary tradesmen where needed.

Is a Water Audit necessary for my Business?

The answer is yes. Even the smallest leak will cost large amounts in a short period.

Its also integral to a business environmental responsibility not to have excessive water loss.

What are the success rates when locating a leak?

We pride ourselves on having a 99% success rate which we intend on maintaining.

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